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This site is an outgrowth of my blog, “Hunterdon History & Genealogy” which I started in June 2009. The history of my hometown (Delaware Township) and home county (Hunterdon) has long fascinated me, as well as the early history of New Jersey. But when questions come up, the answers are not always available in history books. This website gives me the chance to write some of those missing histories.

Just like many people, my history education began with my township, expanded to my county and from there to the Province of West New Jersey out of which Hunterdon County was created. After many years, I find I am still interested in all three, which is why they are present on this site as separate categories. Needless to say there will be some overlap, since the three entities are much like a set of nesting dolls.

Along with an interest in genealogy and the early years of Delaware, Hunterdon and West NJ, I am interested in the politics that influenced the growth of these places and the well-being of those who lived here. Political stories have the advantage of being well-sourced, as opposed to the quiet lives of ordinary people. I will try to find a way to balance the two, since they go hand in hand.

As for content, along with genealogies, I may write about institutions like schools, churches, local government, or mills, stores, cemeteries. I hope that people who know even more about my subjects will add to the story and make corrections whenever I jump to the wrong conclusion. This brings up the question of sources.

Many many years ago, as a beginner genealogist, I made the common mistake of neglecting to note my sources. Like many people, I learned the hard way how essential it is to keep good track of your sources. Sources give you grounding, especially when family trees grow large. These days it is much easier to keep track of sources, thanks to the internet. However, helpful as they are, online family trees are not reliable. If I have no better source than an online tree, I will add a caution. When I have real sources to rely on, I will include them. But I do not want this site to be loaded down with attributions, so I have created some separate pages for sources.

On the subject of Corrections:   Whenever one of my readers discovers I’ve made a mistake, or when new information turns up in later research, my practice will be to recognize the Sharp Reader who caught one of my goofs; then amend the original post with correct information; and (following the practice of the New York Times) make a note at the bottom that the original was amended.


About Marfy Goodspeed

Speaking at the NJCF event on June 5, 2013, next to the Pine Hill Cemetery
Speaking at the NJCF event on June 5, 2013, next to the Pine Hill Cemetery

I have been a resident of Hunterdon County since 1976. My research business, Goodspeed House Histories, has taught me many things about early county residents, especially in my home town, Delaware Township. Many years on the Township Planning Board and as a member of the Delaware & Raritan Canal Commission have added to my understanding of historical geography.

I have been researching Hunterdon County, New Jersey families since 1981 when I started my house history business. Along the way, I have collected a lot of information. I have also written articles for the Hunterdon Historical Newsletter, the Township newsletter “The Bridge,” and the website “The Delaware Township Post.”