The Locktown Christian Church Cemetery

Locktown Christian Church Cemetery

Locktown Christian Church Cemetery

As a follow-up to my recent article on the history of the Locktown Christian Church, here is a list of the people known to be buried in the cemetery adjacent to the church.

A visit to this interesting cemetery will quickly reveal that there are many graves here that are unmarked. So it is impossible to know who might be the earliest person buried here. The earliest gravestone is for Charity Alley who died in 1843, although Cornelius Williamson Carrell might have died a couple years before that. Oddly enough, Ms. Alley comes first on the list. The last known grave to be added was for Arthur E. Jungblut in 1999.

The original cemetery records have been lost, as so often happens. However, the surviving gravestones have been posted on “Find-a-Grave,” by Mary Jo Martin in 2009, supplemented with a few visits by me. Also, the list has been reviewed by Heath researcher Nancy Heath Dallaire.

While working through this list, I was struck by how well it shows the interactions between families in a small community. For instance, Charles Harden was shown in the 1870 census as a laborer on the farm of Wm. R. Bearder, and they are both buried here with their families. It is this family connection that convinced me to list the names alphabetically. Names in bold are known to be buried in the cemetery. The others are not. Married women are listed by their maiden names.  “n.d.” means no dates on the gravestone. To save space, I’ve used the abbreviations d/o and s/o for daughter or son of; and “m.” for married to.

There are cases where I have no information on a person’s family; I hope knowledgeable readers will help fill the gaps.

Cemetery, looking east

Cemetery, looking east

Alley, Charity, 15 Aug 1788 – 29 Dec 1843. No information on her family.

Anderson, Rhoda Ann, 1844 – 1935, d/o Henry Van Liew Anderson & Margaret __; m. Peter Hoppock

B., S. H. [n.d.] – could be Bailey, Bearder, Bodine or Bonham


  • Benjamin Bailey (b. abt 1785 Virginia, d. after 1860) owned a lot on Ferry Road, near Benj. Horn. Clarissa (c.1786-1866) might have been a sister. His wife Sarah Servis is buried here. Their son Joseph also married a Sarah, who is probably also buried here.
  • Bailey, Clarissa, c. 1786 – 9 Feb 1866; possibly related to Benjamin Bailey; no information.
  • Bailey, E. [n.d.] – identity not known.
  • Bailey, Sarah R. [n.d.], possibly the wife of Joseph Bailey, s/o Benjamin & Sarah Bailey, in which case her dates would be c.1839-c.1862.


  • Bearder, Elizabeth, 9 Apr 1836 – 8 Oct 1902, wife of William., maiden name not known
  • Bearder, William R., 25 Dec 1825, 30 May 1909, s/o George T. & Mary Hann Bearder, who are buried at Larison’s Corner Cemetery. Wm & Elizabeth did not have children.

BODINE Family of Locktown

  • Bodine, David R., 12 Jan 1842 – 3 Dec 1921, s/o Jacob Bodine & Catharine Fauss (who are buried in Sand Brook); bro. of Henry F. Bodine, m. Emily Lair. Served as trustee 1860-1880.
  • Bodine, Harry B., 1887 – 1933, s/o Henry F. & Mary Horne Bodine, m. Ellen Goodell (1895-aft 1930; no information on her death or burial).
  • Bodine, Henry Fauss, 1 Aug 1839 – Nov 1909, s/o Jacob Bodine & Catharine Fauss; m. 1) Amy Chamberlin and 2) Mary D. Horne.
  • Bodine, Minnie, May 1872 – 1950, d/o David & Emily Bodine, m. Robert H. Eick


  • Bonham, Alpheus, 2 Jan 1826 – 17 Apr 1898, s/o Uriah Bonham & Elizabeth Everitt, who were buried in Rosemont; m. Sarah Elizabeth Carrell
  • Bonham, Frank, 22 Aug – 25 Aug 1880, son of Moses and Mary Ann Bonham
  • Bonham, Moses, 16 Feb 1828 – 1898, s/o Uriah Bonham & Elizabeth Everitt; m. Mary Ann Carrell, sister of Sarah Elizabeth.
  • Bonham, Samuel Carrell, 1 Sep 1882 – 8 Mar 1905, age 22, unmarried; son of Moses & Mary Ann Carrell Bonham

BROWN Family

  • Brown, Harry W., 1854-1914, a German immigrant, whose name was probably not really Brown; he married m. Mary E. Tunison
  • Brown, George W., 1888-1900, age 12; s/o Harry W. Brown & Mary Tunison.


  • Buchanan, John, 15 Feb 1800 – 5 Aug 1890, m. Catharine Williamson
  • Buchanan, Catharine, 1834-1926, d/o John & Catharine; m. Edward Hellier.  None of the other children of John and Catharine were buried here. Daughter Harriet Susan (1832-1885) m. John C. Hellier

Burd, Mary, 1819-1897, wife of Conrad Tunison, mother of Mary E. Tunison who married Harry W. Brown

Burkett, Elizabeth M., 1872 – Mar 1956, d/o Thomas P. Burkett and Margaret Roberson;  m. John H. Corson


  • Carrell, Asher Williamson, 23 Jun 1848, 3 Mar 1923, s/o  Samuel Arnwine Carrell Sr. & Sarah Ann Williamson; m. Elizabeth Sutton, who was buried at Rosemont
  • Carrell, Cornelius Williamson, n.d., probably born and died around 1840, probably  s/o Samuel A. & Sarah Carrell
  • Carrell, Elisha Warford, Aug 1851 – Sep 1851, s/o Samuel A. & Sarah Carrell
  • Carrell, infant son 17 Dec 1872 – 18 Jan 1873, possibly a son of George W. and Elizabeth Fauss Carrell, sister of John R. Fauss
  • Carrell, Margaret Arnwine, 27 Nov 1845 – 12 Apr 1928 , daughter of Samuel A. & Sarah A. Carrell
  • Carrell, Mary Ann, 1 Feb 1843 – 18 Aug 1886; daughter of Samuel A. & Sarah A. Carrell, m. Moses Bonham
  • Carrell, Rachel Jane, 10 Jul 1850, 6 Dec 1933, , daughter of Samuel A. & Sarah A. Carrell; never married
  • Carrell, Samuel Arnwine, [Sr.] 14 Feb 1814 – 4 Jun 1860, s/o Daniel Carrell & Elizabeth Arnwine; m. Sarah Ann Williamson
  • Carrell, Samuel A., 1 Oct 1843 – 1 Jul 1911, s/o Samuel A. & Sarah A. Williamson Carrell, m. Mary Jane Hawk
  • Carrell, Samuel A., 1 Apr 1877, 3 Aug 1878, infant s/o Samuel A. & Mary J. Carrell
  • Carrell, Sarah Elizabeth b. 27 May 1838 – 11 Sep 1923, d/o Samuel A. & Sarah W. Carrell, m. Alpheus Bonham

Cathcart, Elizabeth A.,  see West, Elizabeth


I wonder if perhaps Ampleus B. Chamberlin is buried here, but without a stone (he died in 1879). His first wife Elizabeth Myers is buried in Rosemont; the location of the grave for his second wife, Amy Bird/Burd is not known to me.

  • Chamberlain, Amy 16 Oct 1842 – 7 Jul 1883 d/o Ampleus & Elizabeth M. Chamberlin m. Henry F. Bodine
  • Chamberlin, Catharine, 22 Jul 1836 – 19 Dec 1887, d/o Ampleus & Elizabeth Chamberlin, m. Wm. B. Hockenbury.  Find-a-Grave cites Mt. Amwell Project’s birth date of 2 Jan 1810, which is impossible; the stone is barely legible.
  • Chamberlain, John M., 2 Nov 1830 – 24 Jul 1896, s/o Ampleus & Elizabeth M. Chamberlin, m. Sarah A. Rittenhouse
  • Chamberlin, Elizabeth Myers, 22 Oct 1811 – 15 Apr 1859, d/o John Myers & Sarah Rockafellar, m. Ampleus Chamberlin;  I have a note that she was buried in the Independence (Slack) Burying Ground, not in Locktown.
  • Chamberlin, Francis Rittenhouse, 4 May 1856 – 20 Feb 1903, s/o John M. & Sarah; never married
  • Chamberlin, Garret S., 11 Apr 1853 – 14 Dec 1858, s/o John M. & Sarah Chamberlin
  • Chamberlin, Lydia, 17 Apr 1839 – 14 Feb 1918, d/o Ampleus & Elizabeth M. Chamberlin, m. Robert Holcombe

Conover, Laura S., 1863, 26 Aug 1883, d/o Richard S. & Caroline Case Conover, m. Hiram H. Hockenbury, who is not buried here, although other Hockenburys are. Richard Conover’s stone has not been found here, but he was a church trustee, 1870-1880.


  • Corson, Asa, 1839-1887, son of Mahon Corson & Sarah Heath, m. Lydia A. Mechlin. Asa Corson was a trustee 1870-80.
  • Corson, John Henry, 1 Sep 1873 – 1900,  son of Asa Corson & Lydia A. Mechlin;  m. Elizabeth M. Burkett
  • Corson, Sarah Ann, 1869 – 1948, daughter of Asa and Lydia Corson, m. Joseph Robbins
  • Corson, Violetta R., Sep 1870-1942, daughter of Asa and Lydia Corson, never married.

Deemer, Alton Russell, 1916 – 1987, s/o Russel Deemer & Florence Lake (d/o Alton Lake & Dora Horne); m. Deemer, Helen E., 1905 – 1993, parents not known.

Dilts, Sarah, abt 1811-22 Feb 1869, daughter of Margaret Dilts (c.1784-aft 1860), father not known; married Silas A. Harden

Eick, Robert H., May 1866 – 1903 (parents not known),  m.  Minnie Bodine, d/o David & Emily Bodine. John Eick was a church trustee, 1860-1880.

FAUSS Family

  • Fauss, John R., 4 Jun 1859 – 6 Jul 1898, s/o Jacob Fauss & Elizabeth Wolverton; m.  Sarah L. Fisher. Jacob & Elizabeth Fauss were buried in the Lower Amwell Old Yard; daughter Elizabeth W. Fauss m. George W. Carrell, who also buried there.
  • Fauss, Sarah, 28 Apr 1839 – 29 Mar 1906, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth Fauss,  m. John T. Hummer, no children


  • Fisher, Elizabeth, Jul 1881-1958, 2d wife of Robert T. Heath and mother of Edw. M. Heath; probably the daughter of Charles and Martha B. Fisher of Kingwood and Delaware twps.
  • Fisher, Sarah L, 2 Nov 1864 – 16 Dec 1912, parents not known (it’s possible she was a sister of Charles B. Fisher and aunt of Elizabeth); m. John R. Fauss, 1883

Foster, Katherine, 1927 – 1936 (age 9), possibly the daughter of Albert & Agnes Foster who are not buried here.

G.,  A. B. [n.d.]

Galvin, Elizabeth M. 1875 – 1941 [No Galvin in Wehr.]

Grose, Augustus, 19 Dec 1831 Germany – 22 Aug 1896. He was married, but I have not identified his wife. They lived on Pavlica Road.

Hann, Mary J., 1848, 1919, probably the d/o Henry & Nancy Hann of Delaware twp.; m. Isaac H. Hoffman. Note that Isaac Hann was church trustee 1830-50, although he is not buried here.

Hansen, Joseph R., 25 Jun 1925 – May 1983, m. , Rena B., 1921 – 1996 ; no information.


  • Harden, Charles N., 1848-1914, s/o Silas Harden & Sarah Dilts; m. Ann Elizabeth Tindle 1849-1923. (Charles was working on the farm of Wm. Bearder in 1870.)
  • Harden, Edna, 1879 – 1879, infant d/o Charles & Eliz. Harden
  • Harden, Silas A., 1 Jul 1801 – 9 May 1856; s/o Henry ? and Elizabeth Harden; m. Sarah Dilts; had 7 children; including son Charles N. Harden (I have no information on the other children; I assume they all left H.C.)

Hauck, John, 1863 – 1925, m. Anna M. 1867 – 1943; immigrants from Bavaria and Germany.

HAWK Family

  • Hawk, Augustus G., 2 Sep 1839 – 12 Aug 1902, s/o Godfrey & Charity Hawk, m. Mary A. Hayes
  • Hawk, Mary Jane, 15 May 1833 – 22 Apr 1900 , d/o Godfrey & Charity Hawk, m. 1) Sylvester D. Horner and 2) Samuel A. Carrell Jr.
  • Wesley S. Hawk was church trustee 1860-1880, but is not buried here.

HAYES Family

  • Hayes, Rev. James E., 26 May 1816 – 28 Oct 1905; wife Helen M. Rider.
  • Hayes, Mary A., 13 Mar 1843 – 18 Oct 1924, d/o Rev James E. & Helen Hayes, m. Augustus G. Hawk

HEATH Family

  • Heath, Anna B., 1864 – 1894, d/o Emley and Elizabeth Heath, never married
  • Heath, Edward Mason, 24 May 1837 – 1 Feb 1916, s/o George D. & Mary R. Heath; m. Annie B. Trout. Note: E. M. Heath was a schoolteacher in Locktown who later became the first County Superintendent of Schools.
  • Heath, Edward M., 1911 – 26 Feb 1995, s/o Robert T. Heath & Elizabeth Fisher, m. Pauline ?
  • Heath, ‘Emly,’ 22 Sep 1836 – 6 Feb 1882, s/o William Heath & Mary Fulper, m. Elizabeth McGlon (1841-1901). Note: The name of Emly Heath was usually spelled Emley, after the 18th century Hunterdon family of that name. Graves of William Heath (1802-1863) & Mary Fulper (1806-1877) are in the Baptist Cemetery in Flemington.
  • Heath, Maranda, Apr 1826 – ?, d/o Daniel Heath & Rebecca Sherman, m. Francis Rittenhouse
  • Heath, Mary R. 30 Mar 1810 – 13 Mar 1900, d/o Elijah Heath Sr. & Catharine Kemple; m. George D. Heath (1802 – 1850), mother of Edward M. Heath (1837-1916).
  • Heath, Robert T., 16 Nov 1866 – 20 Jan 1938, s/o Edw. M. Heath & Annie B. Trout, m. 1) Elizabeth Ruple; 2) Elizabeth Fisher; father of Edw. M. Heath.

Hellier, Edward, 20 May 1836, 3 Apr 1906 (parents not known), m. Catharine Buchanan, 1834-1926. Church trustee, 1870-1880.


  • Hockenbury, Elizabeth, 1857 – 1918, possibly the d/o William B. Hockebury & Catharine Chamberlin
  • Hockenbury, Florence, 1858 – 1944, d/o William B. Hockenbury & Catharine Chamberlin; m. Johnson F. Wagner
  • Hockenbury, William B., Oct 1824 – 2 Sep 1914, s/o John Hockenbury & Sarah Sutton; m. Catharine Chamberlin,

Hoffman, Isaac H., Nov 1840 – 1907, s/o Enoch Hoffman & Ann Fauss, m. Mary J. Hann.


  • Holcombe, Amplius C., 12 Apr 1860 – 28 Nov 1874, age 14, s/o Robert M. Holcombe & Lydia Chamberlin
  • Holcombe, Robert M., 17 Sep 1835 – 7 Nov 1892, s/o George N. Holcombe and Matilda Case; m. Lydia Chamberlin. Daughter Florence M. Holcombe 1875-1910 m. George B. Horner (1868-1918), but they are not buried here.


  • Hoppock, Carrie B., 1869 – 12 Dec 1882, age 13, d/o Henry Hoppock & Cornelia Housel
  • Hoppock, Henry W., 11 Apr 1841 – 1933, s/o Henry J. Hoppock & Lydia Wolverton, m. Cornelia Housel
  • Hoppock, Peter, 1842-1916, s/o Elias & Ann Hoppock, m. Rhoda Ann Anderson. Church trustee 1870-80. George Hoppock was church trustee 1860-70, but is not buried here.
  • Hoppock, Rhoda A., May 1880-1900, adopted daughter of Peter & Rhoda Hoppock


  • Horn, Elizabeth, 1791 – 1872, d/o Isaac Horne, aunt of Jeremiah T. & Margaret Ann Horne, m. Tunis Servis
  • Horne, Dora H., 22 Feb 1875 – 4 Feb 1912 d/o Jeremiah T. & Margaret Horne, m. Alton Lake (below)
  • Horne, Jeremiah T., 1836 – 1908, s/o Isaac Horne & Sarah Dunn; m. Margaret Ann, 1839 – 1929 (parents not known)
  • Horne, Mary D., 1859 –  ?, d/o Jeremiah T. & Margaret Horne, m. Henry F. Bodine


  • Horner, Hiram M., 1845 – 1910, s/o Francis R. Horner & Jane Hockenbury; m. Selena Hunt
  • Horner, Robert Fenton,  Oct 1892 – 1934, s/o Hiram M. Horner & Selena Hunt; no wife buried with him.
  • Horner, Sylvester D., 1832-1862, s/o Nathaniel B. Horner & Elizabeth Hann, m. Mary Jane Hawk. Church trustee 1860-70.
  • Horner, Willard Carrell, 1836-1862, s/o Nathaniel B. Horner & Elizabeth Hann

Housel, Cornelia, 4 Aug 1847 – 10 Feb 1931, d/o William Kuhl Housel & Sarah Shepherd, m. Henry W. Hoppock

Hummer, John T., 28 Mar 1850 – 13 Apr 1942, s/o William Hummer & Margaret H. Smith; m. Sarah Fauss, d/o Jacob Fauss & Elizabeth Wolverton.

Hunt, Selena, 1853-1913, d/o Henry V. D. & Sarah Ann Hunt, m. Hiram M. Horner, mother of Robert F. Horner.

Hurley, James S.,  n.d., m. Sarah A. Rupell [n.d.] I have no good information on this couple; they might have been born around 1850. Sarah was probably the daughter of Emley and Anna Rupell of Kingwood.


  • Jungblut, Arthur E., 1923 – 1999 , s/o John Jungblut and Melita Meyer, German immigrants; wife Mary not here.
  • Jungblut, John Albert, 1885 – 1963, German immigrant, m. Melita Meyer in Germany; their 5 children were all born NJ, but only son Arthur is in this cemetery. Very little information on them online. Son John E. Jungblut/Youngblood lived in Delaware Twp., but is not here.

LAIR Family

  • Lair, Emily, 16 Jan 1844 – 13 Dec 1894, d/o Wm. Archer Lair & Elizabeth Rittenhouse;  m. David R. Bodine; had daughter Minnie Bodine who married Robert Eick. It is surprising that there are no other Lairs buried here. Her uncle Joseph Lair gave the lot for the church from his farm. Perhaps he just sold the lot and did not himself join the church. David Lair was church trustee 1830-40, but is not buried here.

LAKE Family

  • Lake, Alton T., 19 Mar 1870 – 25 Jul 1926, s/o Isaac Lake & Deborah Dalrymple; m. Dora H. Horne; daughter Florence Lake m. Russell Deemer. Sylvester Lake was church trustee, 1870-80, but is not buried here.
  • Lake, Carl, 1894 – 18 Dec 1901, age 7.  Most likely a son of Alton & Florence Lake, even though he was not listed with that family in the 1900 census records.
  • Lake, Florence, 1895 – 1976, d/o Alton Lake & Dora H. Horne, m. Russell Deemer; had son Alton Deemer

Leonard, Henry C., n.d.  On Oct 2, 1841, a Henry Leonard married Mary Ann Kubler. I do not know if this is the same person, or if it is their son who is buried here.

Magee, Myrtle n.d.  I haven’t a clue. Please see Elaine’s comment below.

Maust, Isaac, 4 Jan 1822 – 16 Mar 1909.  parents not known, but Isaac was born and lived for many years in Pennsylvania. Wife Catharine Wismer, 22 Sep 1838 – 21 Oct 1895,  apparently not here. These are ancestors of Mildred Wehr of Baptistown.

Mechlin, Lydia A., 1847 – 1936, d/o John Mechlin & Catharine Strimple, m. Asa Corson.  John Mechlin owned land surrounding the church lot, and his heirs conveyed some of that property to the church in 1878.

Paulik, SMN George Jr. 1920-2001.  George and his brother Edward owned the old Heath farm, across the road from the Christian Church. He was born in Prague, but lived in Delaware twp. for 72 years (abt 1930). He never married. His brother Ed Paulik died in 2013, but is buried elsewhere. I do not know what the SMN stands for, but guess it refers to his service in WWII.

Rider, Helen M., 28 Jun 1821 – 6 Feb 1913, parents not known; m. Rev. James E. Hayes.


  • Rittenhouse, Francis, 4 Dec 1826 – 18 Apr 1897, s/o Daniel Rittenhouse & Elizabeth Myers, m. Maranda Heath. Francis Rittenhouse was church trustee 1860-70.
  • Rittenhouse, Sarah Ann, n.d. (abt 1836 – 22 Feb 1889), d/o Daniel Rittenhouse & Elizabeth Myers, m. John M. Chamberlin. Daniel & Elizabeth Rittenhouse had 10 children; only these two were buried here.  Daniel and Elizabeth were buried in the Locktown Baptist Church cemetery.


  • Robbins, Ephraim, 1849-1934, s/o Joseph Robbins & Margaret Bearder (cousin of Wm. R. Bearder, above); m. Marietta Smith
  • Robbins, Joseph, Oct 1871 – 19 Oct 1963, s/o  Ephraim & Marietta Robbins; m. Sarah Ann Corson. Note: Find-a-Grave gives the birthdate as 1869, but this is in error.

Ruple, Elizabeth ‘Lizzie,’ 31 Mar 1867 – 7 Jul 1900,  d/o Adam and Kate Ruple; m. Robert T. Heath


Note: Find-a-Grave only has Tunis, Elizabeth and Miranda listed. I will have to visit again to see if I can find Parthena and Sarah.

  • Servis, Parthena (Bertha) Ann, abt 1825 – 1887, d/o Tunis Servis & Elizabeth Horn; m. Joseph West
  • Servis, Elizabeth B., 21 Sep 1819 – 12 Aug 1868, d/o Tunis & Elizabeth Servis, m. William Wheelan (not buried here)
  • Servis, Maranda C., 11 Oct 1810 – 13 Jan 1861, d/o Tunis & Elizabeth Servis; never married
  • Servis, Sarah [n.d. on stone, c.1794-aft 1870], d/o John & Catharine Servis; wife of Benjamin Bailey, who was not buried here.
  • Servis, Tunis, 1791 – 12 Apr 1877, s/o John & Catharine Servis; m. Elizabeth Horn, had 8 children; was church trustee 1830-50.

Slack, Joseph B., n.d. (b. abt 1820, d. 22 Feb 1857); parents not yet identified; m. Mary O. McPeck, about 1843. Joseph Slack was a church trustee 1850-60. Abraham Slack was also trustee, 1850-60, but is not buried here, and does not seem to have had a brother Joseph. I am including Joseph Slack’s obituary from the Hunterdon Gazette (Feb. 18, 1857) because it describes his attachment to this church:

“Died On Thursday the 22d inst. at his residence near Croton, Mr. Joseph B. Slack in the 37th year of his age. The deceased was a worthy member of the Christian church. The disease which terminated his mortal life was protracted and painful, but as his end approached he took a firmer hold on the divine promises, and at last surrendering his family into the hands of a gracious providence, he gave up his spirit, and we trust through grace entered the rest of the people of God.”

Smith, Marietta, 1852-1942, parents not known;  m. Joseph Robbins


  • Snyder, Wilson C., 10 Feb 1852 – 28 Jan 1931, s/o William H. & Mary Snyder; m. Jane M. Storr, who is not listed here.
  • Snyder, William H., 13 May 1832 – 1905 , probably the son of William Snyder & Hannah Horner; wife Mary not listed.

Tindle, Elizabeth, 1849-1923, d/o John Tindall & Delilah Servis;  m. Charles N. Harden. Note that Delilah Servis was d/o Tunis Servis & Elizabeth Horn

Trout, Annie B., Oct 1831 – 1922, d/o Asher Trout & Harriet Buchanan; m. Edward M. Heath

Tunison, Mary E., 1856, 1928, d/o Conrad Tunison & Mary Burd, m. Harry W. Brown

Wagner, Johnson F., 1851 – 1918, s/o David R. & Ellen Wagner; m. Florence Hockenbury. Note: Find-a-Grave also lists this couple with the name Warner, which is not correct.


  • Walker, Ellen B., 1895 – 1983, parents not identified; m. Elmer Walker, grandson of Wm. J. & Hannah Q. Walker. Not sure where Elmer was buried.
  • Walker, Martha R., 1872-1937, d/o William J. & Hannah Q. Walker; never married.
  • Walker, William J., 30 May 1840 – 12 Jan 1912, probably a son of Andrew Walker and Beulah Cronce; m. Hannah Q. (20 Apr 1848 – 19 Dec 1907), whose parents I have not been able to identify.  William J. Walker was church trustee 1870-80
  • William B. Walker, 1874 – 16 Jul 1913, s/o William J. & Hannah Q. Walker; m. Bertha May Curtis (1881-1965, bur. Pennington)

WEST Family

  • West, Elizabeth, Apr 1866 – 1932, d/o Joseph West & Parthena Servis; m. George J. Cathcart, 1887. He is not buried here. I could not find the Cathcart family in the census records, but their marriage (1887) was published in the Democrat.
  • West, Joseph, abt 1825 – 18 Sep 1892,  s/o Joseph S. West Sr. & Anna Rockafellar; m. Bertha (Parthena) Ann Servis, had son William
  • West, William, 1863 – 1911, s/o Joseph West & Parthena Ann Servis; never married.


  • Williamson, Catharine 20 Aug 1803 – 3 Dec 1891, d/o Cornelius Williamson & Sarah Hoppock; m. 1825, John Buchanan
  • Williamson, Sarah Ann, 13 Oct 1809 – 30 Mar 1853, d/o Cornelius Williamson & Sarah Hoppock; m. Samuel Arnwine Carrell

Wismer, Catharine, 22 Sep 1828 – 21 Oct 1895, d/o Dennis Wismer & Elizabeth Lott ; married Isaac Maust in Pennsylvania. They were present in Kingwood by 1880.

8 thoughts on “The Locktown Christian Church Cemetery

  1. john leonard

    Marfie I have an “uncle” Henry. Family records say born 1808. Our records say he married Oct. 2, 1841 to Mary Ann Kugler. Spelling is close enough to make them the same people. His brother John Leonard, (my direct descendent), owned part of the Rutgers Research facility on Oak Grove. Henry and John’s mother, Catherine, and 5 of their siblings died of “brain fever” in summer 1949.
    Most buried in Everittstown cemetery. The grave stones very hard to read because they are marble. I have rubbed all the Leonards in Everittstown cemetery and have a sketch, if it will do anyone any good in the future.

  2. john leonard

    correction to last email regarding brain fever deaths is 1849. I am sure you figured that out. John

  3. Elaine Walters

    Marfy: Appreciate your searches that uncover so much history of Hunterdon County. Thanks to you I have discovered so much of my family history, in all directions. Keep up the good work for all of us who cannot get to many of these historical histories of Hunterdon County.

  4. Elaine Oakes

    I wonder if the correct birth year for Wm. B. Hockenbury (husband of Catherine Chamberlin) was 1840. 1810 is a logical misreading. I have heard that one way to read badly worn inscriptions on gravestones is to go after dark with a black light (available at pet stores for finding spots that need to be cleaned). I haven’t tried it but it makes sense.

    Myrtle Magee is a fairly recent burial. Her daughter married a Ferenze and they lived in adjoining houses in the Point Breeze area. I don’t remember if she was still alive when we moved, she was probably born around 1900 and was living at least into the 1970s.

    Ed Paulik moved to Arizona or New Mexico in the 1970s and may be buried there. I think there was a sister who lived elsewhere, I remember a nephew but he only visited a few times so I don’t know his name. We lived across the creek from the Heath/Paulik farm and my parents bought the house from a Fisher family (she was “Vicky”, possibly Zick/Zyck – her brother built next door), who retired to Milford. There are three houses around the corner from each other (the other two on the Kingwood-Locktown Road) that were built at roughly the same time and probably all were built by Heath/Fisher offspring though none of the family was still there.

    A Youngblood daughter lived on the left corner of the Kingwood-Locktown Road in the 1970s but I don’t remember her married name and I have no idea if they are still there.

    Most of the family names are not familiar to me, they probably left the area before we arrived in 1955. I do remember three Hockenbury sisters, fairly elderly, who lived in an apartment in Flemington. Mrs. Wagner was the church treasurer for quite a while. I don’t know first names because of course a child calls her mother’s friends “Mrs”.

    1. Marfy Goodspeed Post author

      To Elaine, who wrote:
      “I wonder if the correct birth year for Wm. B. Hockenbury (husband of Catherine Chamberlin) was 1840. 1810 is a logical misreading.”
      Wm. B. Hockenbury was born Oct 1824 to John Hockenbury and Sarah Sutton, who was born in 1791. It is possible to have a son born in 1810, but Oct 1824 is the date he gave for the 1900 census. And he married in 1854, which is rather late if he was born in 1810. I’ll stick with 1824.

  5. Elaine Walters

    Any one wanting more history of the Carrell family could make a little trip across the river into Doylestown, Pa. and go to the Spruance Library where there is a book written by Ezra Patterson Carrell in 1928. It has been noted that the name Carrell is also spelled Carroll. If it is written with the ell that means they are the Protestant clan and oll is the Catholic clan of the family. I have a photo copy of some of the book, that contains information on my history and it is very interesting.

  6. LL

    I see that there is a Joseph B. Slack here. Could he be a son of Joseph Slack and Margaret Slack? The only child of theirs I have proved is Mary Ann Slack Williamson.

    1. Marfy Goodspeed Post author

      I have a Joseph Slack (1780-1854) who married first Margaret Moode on 25 Nov 1804 (this is the only instance of the name Moode I have seen). His second wife was Mary Cane, whom he married on 19 Oct 1818. They had a daughter Lucy Ann, born 1829, who married Moses Blair Williamson. It is quite possible they had a son Joseph B. Slack, since he was born about 1820. Just a theory that needs some proof.


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