Hunting For A Cemetery

Three Great Hunterdon Co. Historians Try to Find the Opdycke Cemetery

Over five years ago, I published an article about the Opdycke Cemetery in the Delaware Township Post. It has now been revised as “Opdycke Cemetery Revisited.” More recently, I came across some letters exchanged by Egbert T. Bush and Hiram E. Deats regarding their attempts to find this burying ground and to identify who was buried there. These letters can be found in the Egbert T. Bush Papers at the Hunterdon County Historical Society.

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Opdycke Cemetery Revisited

I first published an article on this interesting cemetery in April 2009 on the website Delaware Township Post. After five years, I have a learned enough to justify revising and republishing this article.

The cemetery is located on the Lambertville-Headquarters Road, on a farm near the intersection with Sandy Ridge Road. It is a private family cemetery without public access. The origin of the cemetery is nicely described by Egbert T. Bush.

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The “Oregon” School and Other Schools

Duck’s Flat School, Crossroads School and Their Teachers
Testing a Greeny’s Nerve

by Egbert T. Bush, Stockton. N. J.
published in the Hunterdon Co. Democrat, December 18, 1930

Detail of the Cornell Map of 1851

Detail of the Cornell Map of 1851

This article by Mr. Bush is a perfect complement to a recent blog post, “Amos Romine’s Beloved Farm.” It is one of my favorite Bush articles. Because there is so much to say about the people he mentions, I will refrain from interrupting him and leave my comments for the end.

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Favorite Posts of 2014

The Writing Master by Thomas Eakins, 1882

The Writing Master by Thomas Eakins, 1882

What is it about lists? Especially lists that get made at the end of the year? It’s that thing we like to do—look back before we look forward. So, in the spirit of the season, I am copying my son the science writer, Carl Zimmer, who has collected his favorite articles here:   2014: A Storyful Year – Phenomena: The Loom

Choosing favorites should not imply that I am not happy with all my articles. It’s just that some of them did grab me more than others. So, here’s my list, for those of you who feel like some reading during this long weekend.


Feb 21   Baptists Divided: The Kingwood Baptist Church

Mar 1  A Scandal in Baptistown

Jun 13  Jacob’s Path, An 18th Century Shortcut

Jun 20  The Amwell Road—1721

Aug 22  The Lockatong Bridge, part one: Lambertville Iron Works and Wm Cowin

Sep 3  Lockatong Bridge, part two

Sep 27  A House Divided: The Ferry Tavern House at Stockton

Nov 21  John Reading and Hunterdon County, part one

Dec 5  John Reading and Hunterdon County, part two

Dec 12  John Reading and Hunterdon County, part three

Indians Thought Lightning Would Not Strike A Beech

Writer Has Never Found a Beech Tree That Had Been Struck
Other Facts and Queries

by Egbert T. Bush, Stockton, NJ
published in the Hunterdon Co. Democrat, December 11, 1930

Bewick OakThis article, with which I end the year 2014, can be seen as a follow up to Bush’s article previously published here called “Gathering Nuts Was Once an Industry.” There is nothing in the way of genealogy in this article, but it is full of the usual Bush charm.

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Asa Romine’s Beloved Farm

Last June, I was reading the minutes of the Delaware Township Planning Board when I noticed an interesting item. Harry Brelsford, owner of a house at 80 Locktown-Sergeantsville Road (Block 20 lot 6) had presented his plan to tear down and rebuild the older section of the existing house. Apparently, that older section was in such bad repair it wasn’t worth saving. Normally, talk of demolition of old houses gets my attention, but I forgot about this until a friend called it to my attention.

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Gathering Nuts Was Once An Industry

Bewick OakA Boy Could Make From 30 to 40 cents a Day by Hard Work
Pegg Family Conserved Acres

by Egbert T. Bush, Stockton, N.J.
published by the Hunterdon Co. Democrat, November 21, 1929

This is another in a series of articles by Egbert T. Bush Paying attention to the wonderful trees of old Hunterdon County. A complete list of Bush’s tree articles can be found at the end.

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John Reading & the Creation of Hunterdon County (part 1)

On November 16, I gave a speech about John Reading and the Creation of Hunterdon County. There was quite a lot of information in that speech, covering the years 1664 to 1718. In fact, it was probably a bit too much.

For example, the beginning of the speech covered the conquest of New Netherland by the English in 1664, the Third Anglo-Dutch War of 1672-74, the Quintipartite Deed of 1676, and John Reading’s settlement in Gloucester County in 1684; also Edward Byllinge and the early settlement of West New Jersey. Rather than rehash material that I have already written about, you can see a list of pertinent articles at the end of this one. They cover the settlement of West New Jersey, its political history, its infamous governor Daniel Coxe, and the early career of John Reading.

For the history of Hunterdon County, it is best to start with 1694. What follows is the first part of a somewhat amended version of the speech.

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