• E. T. Bush: How Locktown Got Its Name

    The quiet village of Locktown was once very lively, “wide-awake, and enterprising.”

  • The Supreme School

    E. T. Bush finds a better name for Ducks’ Flat school, and helps solve a mystery about two school houses.

  • The Locktown Baptist Cemetery

    Familiar Hunterdon Co. family names can be found in this early cemetery.

  • Return to Raven Rock

    Two re-discovered survey maps shed light on early settlement at Bull’s Island and Raven Rock.

  • Ducks’ Flat, part two

    The dawn of the space age in Hunterdon County. For one shining moment the center of rocket and space science was a field north of Stockton.

  • Ducks’ Flat

    With a name like Ducks’ Flat, you just know there must be a story there. But first, is it Duck’s Flat or Ducks’ Flat? I pitch for Ducks’.

  • Hunting for a Cemetery

    Interest in the cemetery was initiated by a letter written in 1924 by Mr. Bush to his neighbor Cyrus VanDolah, who was then 72 years old.

  • Opdycke Cemetery Revisited

    Coming to a fine shade tree then on this spot, the wife said: “John, I want to be buried under this tree when I die.”

Goodspeed Welcome to Goodspeed Histories, a website for Hunterdon County history, early West Jersey history, and the history of my home town, Delaware Township.

I began the website in 2009 as a way to discover the history of my ancestor Samuel Green, one of the early settlers in West New Jersey. In the process I became fascinated with the political history of that place, which led to many posts on the West Jersey Proprietors. I hope to do more.

When my home town celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2013, I had to pay attention to all the stories that can be told about it, and the same thing happened the next year when Hunterdon County celebrated its 300th anniversary.

There is so much more to write about all these places, so much more to learn. In the process, I hope to encourage readers who know even more about these places and the people who have lived here to share their knowledge with me here on Goodspeed Histories.

—Marfy Goodspeed