Many years ago while researching the family of Albertus Myers of Amwell Township (now Delaware Township), I came across his pension application on microfilm at the David Library. There, much to my joy, I found a page from the family bible. I assume they tore it out of the bible and included it with the application; they certainly didn’t photocopy it.

It is such a beautiful page, that I thought I should share it, especially since there are many descendants of this family working hard on their genealogy. Note the clever way Albertus’ name was worked around his initials (you’ll have to click on the image and then click to enlarge it). Also note the spelling of the name: Miers. And Alaburtus. Many documents show the name as Albertus Myers, and sometimes Mires. It all depends on who was doing the writing. The sophistication of the lettering suggests that Albertus hired a local schoolteacher to do the work. Unfortunately, by the time Anna, the youngest child was born, the school master had moved on.

Family BIble of Albertus Myers
Family BIble of Albertus Myers

Just to round out the information provided above, Albertus Myers married Anne/Anna Hann, daughter of Peter Hann and Elizabeth Hoppock, born about 1760, died 25 November 1841. I do not know where she was buried. It is assumed that she and husband Albertus were buried in the Baptist Cemetery in Locktown, but if so, their stones have not survived. Albertus Myers died on 22 January 1839, at the advanced age of 87. His homestead farm was located at the intersection of Ferry and Locktown-Flemington Roads.

Daughter Elizabeth is an unknown to me. She should not be confused with the daughter of Simon Myers, who died in 1814. That Elizabeth married Elisha/Elijah Matthews in 1809, and they received a portion of Simon Mires/Myers’ real estate in 1816.1

I also have no information on daughter Sarah.

John A. Myers married Elizabeth Fox on 7 May 1814. She was the daughter of Jacob Fox and Eve Sine. Along with the other heirs of Albertus Myers, John Myers sold the family farm to brother-in-law John Cain in 1841, and was promptly sued by another brother-in-law, Philip Rake, to render an account of the estate. John was living in Alexandria Township in 1850, and died on 16 May 1879 at the age of 92. He was buried at the Nixon-Ford cemetery, but I have no information on the death of wife Elizabeth.

Correction, 1/19/2013: see comment below regarding date of death. 

Peter Myers was living in Amwell Township in 1830, with his own family, but had left before 1840, when he was living in Alleghany Co., NY. Once people leave Hunterdon County, I tend to lose track of them. Peter died on 27 October 1874 in Nunda Livingston, NY, a fact I must have picked up from a descendant’s research.

Pamelia (Pamela) Myers married Isaac Godown on 30 Apr 1814, the son of Jacob Godown and Sarah Lake. She died on 21 October 1879, age 86, and was buried in the Rake Cemetery near Sand Brook. Jacob died 14 July 1857, and is also buried there.

Catharine Myers married Philip Rake on 25 December 1820. He was the son of John and Else Rake. She must have died before the 1850 census, but I do not know when. Philip left Hunterdon County after Catharine’s death and settled in Rock Island, IL, where he died about 1854.

Cornelius Myers married Rebecca Mason on 12 September 1818. I am sure she was connected with the Mason family of Franklin township, but have not pinned that down. Cornelius died 8 March 1843, age 46. Rebecca is supposed to have died in July 1871, age 74.

Youngest child, Anna, married John B. Cain on 8 January 1825. In April 1841, before the death of widow Anne Myers, Cain purchased the rights of the other heirs in the homestead of Albertus and Anne Myers. But he did not keep it; in 1844 he sold it to Samuel A. Carrell, and removed to Rock Island, IL. John Cain was the son of Daniel Cain and Rachel Warford. I do not know when he died, but his wife, Anna Myers Cain, died on 24 April 1882 at Rock Island.

I hope that Myers descendants will note any errors of mine and add missing information in the comments.

  1. For some information on Simon Mires/Myers, see The Two Taverns at Robins Hill.