I sometimes lose track of the information I have collected in my researches. Today I stumbled across these photographs I took of Delilah Buchanan’s 1829 tavern license application, on file at the Hunterdon County Archives. Delilah Buchanan got a lot of my attention while researching Buchanan’s Tavern. (The series of articles can be found by clicking on the topic in the right-hand column.)

The date is a little hard to read, but looks like May 5th, 1829. Since there are so many original signatures here, I thought it would be a good idea to share this.

Note: Because I photographed this license with my iPhone, I had to do it in three parts.

1829 Petition by Delilah Buchanan
1829 Petition by Delilah Buchanan
Buchanan License, part two
Buchanan License, part two
Delilah Buchanan's Application, part three
Delilah Buchanan’s Application, part three

Here is a list of the signatories (in case people need to research these names on the internet):

Wm. Bishop
Jonas Sutton
William Sine Sen.
Jacob Moore
Jacob Godown
Isaac Rounsavell
William Sergeant
George Opdycke
George Crons [George Cronce]
Benjamin Horn
John Hoppock
George Trout
Joseph Housel
Josiah Prall

1829 Petition by Delilah Buchanan