Query from Janice Earliene Carr, March 3, 2015:

My husband is descended from the SNYDER FAMILY  of Hunterdon, County, N.J., which I will get to later!

My husband James William Carr of Washington, D.C.,
his father is James Entwisle Carr of same; his Mother, Olive Ida SNYDER of Ridgewood, N.J.. (dau. Of Gardiner JOHNSON SNYDER & Elizabeth “Lizzie” Amy LAIR;  – dau. Of John LAIR & Mary HANN, which both died young

Different family members raised her, but mainly
her grandparents, Edmund P. HANN & Elizabeth Maclone/ McAloan. As well as her father’s oldest sibling (Amy LAIR APGAR ( wife of Lewis B. APGAR) & her LAIR grandparents, Philip & Mary LAIR, both born in 1798. See 1850 N.J.  Census.

Many people says MARY (Philip’s wife) was a SNYDER. WOULD ANYONE ON THIS WEBSITE KNOW?

I have her listed as the daughter of Leonard Snyder (b. 20 Aug 1773) and Rebecca Johnson, but no source for this, so it is only a suggestion. I looked for a marriage record for Philip Lair and Mary Snyder, but could not find one.

Also I have heard that Philip Lair’s Mother was a JOHNSON?
Mary Johnson d/o Jacob S. Johnson and Sarah Garrison. Info from a family tree on Ancestry.com. She married Samuel Lair in 1799. Samuel’s children and heirs were named in Deed 77-255.

IF SO, IT WOULD CERTAINLY BE A COINCIDENCE AS MY HUSBAND’s MOTHER’s FAMILY ARE SNYDERS & JOHNSON’S as WELL! Her parents I have already listed. HIS parents were Wesley  W. SNYDER & Emma JOHNSON  (dau. Of Elias JOHNSON & Duttila GANO  married 1844 in KINGSWOOD [sic] TOWNSHIP,  Hunterdon Co., N.J..

I DON’t  have ELIAS’ line any further back, but I have all his children.  If interested, I will send later.

I do not have any information on the parents of Elias Johnson and Dutila Gano. I hope readers can contribute some.