One of the advantages of writing a blog is that you can update what you write and make corrections. I expect to be doing quite a lot of that.

I’ve added a couple items to my last post. First a link to a 1904 edition of George Fox’s Autobiography. Found it on Google Books. Have to say, I don’t know where I’d be without Google books.

The other addition comes near the end concerning Roger Wolverton selling land to his brother Dennis Wolverton. On the Hammond Map (F) you can see that Dennis Wolverton owned the tract of land just north of the tract that George Fox owned, although Hammond does not put Fox’s name on it. Instead, he shows Wm. Hoagland, who owned it in 1774. This helps to cement the relationship between Fox and the Wolvertons.

If you look closely you can see Fox’s name on the east side of Rte 519. I believe that is a mistake, and will be discussing Fox’s property in the next post. (For a larger view, just click on the map. When you’re done, click on your browser’s previous-window button.)

In searching for dates, I was a little frustrated. There seemed to be no parish record for the Fox family. I learned the reason for this in another biography of Fox (by Thomas Hodgkin, 1896), in a footnote (pg 15):

“Fox does not seem to have known the exact day of his birth, and unfortunately the blank cannot be filled up from the parish registers, which have suffered denudation at the hands of the sexton’s wife in the last century, requiring paper for her jampots.”

We genealogists are at the mercy of the sexton’s wife.